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More prospects, inquiries and orders

The CLAMPBOOSTER not only vastly increases your own competitiveness, but also that of your customers. With the CLAMPBOOSTER you offer your customers an automated solution from A to Z. The automated clamping of the workpiece in a manual vise is the gap in automation that the CLAMPBOOSTER fills. This innovative product puts you at the forefront of CNC production!

Your benefits

as a distribution partner

New Customers

Expand your portfolio

With the CLAMPBOOSTER, you offer your customers the perfect solution for comprehensive and seamless automation from A to Z from a single source. The CLAMPBOOSTER can act as an extension to your robots when purchasing new machining centers or to the existing machinery of your customers.

Competitive Advantage

Serving customers with existing machinery

With the CLAMPBOOSTER, you can offer your customers a cost-effective and flexible automation alternative, regardless of whether the existing manual vises can be converted.

Strong Network

Take advantage of these unique benefits!

Stay up to date with the latest in automation through the CLAMPBOOSTER network and exchange ideas with other sales partners!

100% Automation

Automation from A to Z

As an integrator or automator, you can offer your customers complete automation: from the robot to the automation of the manual vise.

Increased market power

Better market positioning with the latest technology

With the CLAMPBOOSTER you are at the forefront of automation and can offer interested parties the latest technology.


Distribution partners are a top priority!

As a CLAMPBOOSTER distribution partner, you also benefit from exclusive advantages in terms of order quantities, marketing and advertising.

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for your customers

Flexible solutions

Serve customers with existing machinery

CLAMPBOOSTER augments your existing machinery, so it doesn’t need to be extensively converted. 

New markets

Expand into new business areas

Customers save time and money with their fully automated manufacturing process. In turn, they can invest their savings in opening up new markets and expanding their business.

More growth

More prospects, enquiries and orders

With the CLAMPBOOSTER, your customers achieve higher sales profitability through more efficient production. As order volume increases, so will sales and turnover.

Optimize the production process

Longer machine run times for your customers!

Thanks to the automation of the manual vise, it is also possible to finish orders overnight or on weekends. 

Lower labor costs

No longer fear a shortage of skilled workers

Due to a high degree of automation in production, the employees can be used for other value-adding tasks.

More precise time management

Better control of the order flow in production

With the CLAMPBOOSTER, the quantities of the goods produced can be precisely controlled and monitored, therefore resulting in more accurate forecasts and planning.

Do you have anymore questions?
Do you have anymore questions?

Do you have anymore questions?

Patrick Kauk
Head of Sales 

Tel.: +49 8136 806567-38 
Mobil: +49 151 54864340 


A product of idee-werk

Offer your customers automation from A to Z! The CLAMPBOOSTER is the solution for the complete automation of production processes in CNC production. CLAMPBOOSTER augments the production machines, so they don’t need to be completely rebuilt. A complex conversion is not necessary, which means considerable savings in both time and money for your customers and a clear competitive advantage.

Find out everything about the history of the development of the CLAMPBOOSTER!