Production in a new dimension

Robot performance at a new level

The CLAMPBOOSTER automates your CNC production and guarantees maximum efficiency and production reliability in terms of quality and quantity thanks to the perfectly standardized and now fully automated CNC clamping technology.

Technical Details for CLAMPBOOSTER

Model CB-10

Flexible and individually controlled torque: 5 - 100Nm

The flexible torque is selected in advance, between 5 and 100 Nm, and applied automatically. 

Controlled opening width:

You can determine the desired opening width of the vise in advance based on the spindle revolutions on the vise.

Quick closing and opening times: approx. 5 seconds

Operating mode: electric

Drive: spin socket

For different wrench sizes and head shapes 

Docking Plate: quickly and easily convertible

Compatible with vises from different manufacturers

Blow-off nozzle: integrated

The compressed air is used to remove chips and coolant from the workpiece and vise.

Robot interfaces:
analog/digital or Profinet

Software updates: online

Remote maintenance: integrated

Mechanical system: maintenance-free

Weight: 1,95 kg

"Drive" Dimensions:
LxWxH 120mm x 100mm x 100mm

Connections: 100 - 240V AC, 6-2,5 A, Compressed air 5 - 6,5 bar

Clamping and releasing workpieces in a manual vise

The game changer for the automation of CNC machines

The challenge

Simply ordering a robot and commissioning an integrator is not enough. Because: Who or what tightens the vise in a fully automated production process? And, who or what releases it again? 

The answer 

The CLAMPBOOSTER handles it. 

The CLAMPBOOSTER extends the robot´s capabilities by adding drive for the CNC vises. This allows the robot to perform high-precision clamping operations with manual vises quickly and safely. 

The existing production process remains untouched and can be continued as usual - thanks to the fully automated CNC production provided by the CLAMPBOOSTER without manual components, working 24/7. 

Step 1Preparing the vise
Step 1

Preparing the vise

The CLAMPBOOSTER is positioned on two dowel pins on the vise during the tightening process, eliminating torsional forces and allowing the robot to work without load. Drilling holes for these two dowel pins is the only preparation of the vise that is needed. 

Step 2Attaching to the robot arm
Step 2

Attaching to the robot arm

With the cobot, the CLAMPBOOSTER is screwed between the ISO flange and the gripper. For industrial robots, mounting takes place directly on the tool flange of the robot arm. 

Step 3Tightening the vise after having loaded the workpiece
Step 3

Tightening the vise after having loaded the workpiece

Once the robot has placed the workpiece in the vise, the robot guides the CLAMPBOOSTER directly to the vise. The CLAMPBOOSTER closes the vise according to the configured torque. 

Step 4Releasing the vise after machining
Step 4

Releasing the vise after machining

After the workpiece has been processed in the milling machine, the CLAMPBOOSTER opens the vise. As the final step, the robot unloads the workpiece and the production process starts again (see step 3). 

By just adding one end of arm tool

The simple solution to complex automation – Automation with fewer costs upfront

Existing machines? Manual vises or clamping systems? A machine without connections for pneumatic or hydraulic lines? The CLAMPBOOSTER handles it all. Developed as an EOAT, it saves a complicated cost-intensive conversion of the machining center. 

By just adding one end of arm tool

Maximum efficiency without commitment to highly complex systems. 

Industrial robot or cobot? Various vise manufacturers, power-assisted systems? Using several vises on one machine? No problem for the CLAMPBOOSTER. Interchangeable adapters make it compatible with almost all systems available on the market. 

Exact precision and intuitive operation. 

1.95 kg? 10 x 10 cm? Yes, the torque of up to 100 Nm that the CLAMPBOOSTER can apply is enormous. It operates without load on the robot, attachment bolts in the vise eliminate torsional forces. The opening travel of the vise can be adjusted precisely by programming the spindle revolutions using a software-based operating procedure. 



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Central Unit

Control Box

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Docking Plate

1,95 kg? 10 x 10 cm?

Yes, the torque the CLAMPBOOSTER can generate is enormous. It works without influencing the robot, pins in the vise eliminate any torsional forces. 

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